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At AHS Online high school program, connection is not merely a concept but a cornerstone. Through live classes and personalized 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, we foster meaningful interactions rooted in shared beliefs in Jesus Christ, supported by a thriving community of families. At AHS Online, our aim is to build enduring relationships that enrich lives, nurturing students academically, spiritually, and personally.


At AHS Online High School, our transformative curriculum, beloved by families, blends academic rigor with gospel-infused content to inspire and empower scholars, fostering both academic learning and spiritual growth through meticulously designed courses that challenge students and prepare them comprehensively for success.


At AHS Online, our global learning community unites students worldwide with a shared commitment to faith in Jesus Christ and academic excellence, whether they are near our Utah campuses in Salt Lake City or American Fork, or reside in Eastern Europe, fostering deep bonds through annual youth retreats and renowned choir programs, supported by dedicated staff who ensure every student feels valued and supported in their journey of spiritual and academic growth.

Faith-based Curriculum


Years Experience

Qualified Mentors

Accredited HS Diploma

Custom Offerings

Online Courses


Choose between MyPace courses and Regular (w/due dates) courses based on what’s right for you!

MYPACE courses offer a flexible schedule with no due dates (1-6 months to complete).

Regular (w/due dates) courses offer structure and a set weekly schedule.

+ Graduation


Want to Earn a Diploma from AHS Online?

Buy the REQUIRED Graduation Advisement Pack to get academic advisement, course selection guidance, transcript services, access to graduation-specific classes, and a cap and gown for your graduation ceremony.



Don’t need High School Credit or a Transcript?

Enroll in the Non-Credit course. You get the same faith-filled, accredited curriculum, without grading, at a low price.

Non-Credit Courses
With Mentor Sessions


Don’t need High School Credit or a Transcript but want a little structure and guidance?

Enroll in the Non-Credit course. You get the same faith-filled, accredited curriculum, without grading, at a low price PLUS 2 mentored sessions per semester.

Mentored Live Classes

Courses are most effective when supplemented by live classes with an adult mentor. Our scholars find support and inspiration when sharing their learning journey with peers and a trusted mentor.

Mentored live classes are available for various courses. For more information on mentored classes, visit our team.



AHS Online has allowed our family to have a 5 star education for our kids no matter where we are in the world. It is so great at customizing education for each child in my family, including my athletic child and my scholarly child. We are so grateful to their boutique world class service and excellent communication between the school and my kids and we recommend this school to anyone! They are so great for any situation and great at customizing for each family!

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