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Each Power Hour will follow a similar format (below). Most importantly, every Power Hour should be preceded by a short video-lesson that students watch prior to the discussion. We recommend that students watch the video for each respective lesson the afternoon or evening prior to the respective Power Hour discussion. That gives them time to complete the FlipGrid challenge (very fun!) and to be prepared to contribute to the discussion and share some of their work.

  • StartRight Fitness (10 min)
  • Student Share & Discuss (10–20 min)
  • Deeper Dive (10–20 min)
  • Student Show & Tell (10–20 min)
  • Read Aloud (time permitting)
  • Kahoot! Quiz (5 min)

This is very hard to articulate in writing, but it works! For starters, we don’t speak directly to children younger than 5 for the most part. Many join, freely, and you’d be surprised how much they pick-up. Watching middle school, upper elementary, and lower elementary ages contribute and share together is quite an incredible thing. Some share more than others, and that totally fine. This happens in every classroom. Most who have used Family School in their home understand this one-room schoolhouse concept quite well, but much of this is only appreciated and understood through the experience. Suffice it to say, it works well, and better for most children for subjects that are non-leveled, like history, science, geography, and so on. Older children modeling for younger—younger children looking up to older ones. You just have to see this one to believe it!

We will be following the American Heritage School calendar for each year with one minor deviation (the start date). Our Power Hour start date will be Tuesday, August 25, and the end date will be Friday, May 28, 2021. Otherwise, use this calendar to see when we’ll be holding Power Hour. (Note: Red dates are no-school holidays, and no-Power Hour days.)

The schedule will be based on the number of enrolled students and what each family’s preferred time is. We will work hard to accommodate each families schedule as best we can with a sign-up sent each August to all families who have children who are enrolled. We anticipate an option during most, if not all, hours of the typical school day (9:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00, and so on). It is very possible we’ll have multiple classes at the same time if interest for a particular hour is especially popular.

Students will not be required to complete assignments for Power Hour. We will have several incentives and the format of the Power Hour will strongly encourage completing assignments, activities, or FlipGrid challenges for each lesson. Students have a LOT of autonomy for if and how they demonstrate mastery of lesson concepts and principles prior to the Power Hour discussion. During Power Hour, the learning coach will not give assignments. They will allow students to share the assignments, activities, and FlipGrid challenges pertaining to the respective lesson that they completed and discuss their work, but will not make new assignments or give grades.

  • American History: Revolution and Change
  • Science: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Geography: North America
  • Literature: Growing Up
  • Art: Early America
  • Music: A Beautiful World

Please go to https://thefamilyschoolonline.org/#/courses/k-8 to view each course.

We will have several sessions for Power Hour and at various times throughout the day. Most will track a normal school day in the US, to accommodate all US time zones with a variety of options. However, as enrollment increases worldwide, we will add Power Hour sessions as soon as it is financially feasible.

We are producing comprehensive, leveled math and language arts curriculum for levels Pre-K through Grade 6.  We say “comprehensive” because few language arts programs are. Most are reading/writing or spelling/vocab or writing/grammar, but few combine all disciplines of language arts into one “comprehensive” curriculum. Also, importantly, these will include a LOT more than just curriculum, which is also not very common for homeschool math and language arts programs. For example, the math curriculum will not just include all the teacher and student resources, handouts, worksheets, and problem sets needed, but it will utilize the very best education technology to allow students to auto-assess for every lesson, unit, etc; parents to track progress via online reporting, automated text/email messaging; schedule tutoring, if needed, and so on. Lastly, both resources will include the very best of many of the most popular programs currently available, blended with what American Heritage School has tested and refined for over 50 years on-campus.

First, all Power Hour students enrolled by August 15, 2020 will receive our fall 2021 math and language arts curriculum included within their Power Hour membership for the life of that student (K–8). We have not decided how much math and language arts will be as an add-on for existing members or for a la carte access. As always, our non-profit, for-impact focus allows us to provide very affordable and accessible resources. Whatever the price, it will represent a significant cost savings for families compared to other similar programs in the industry—stronger resources for less!

Yes! All existing monthly and lifetime members through summer 2021 can access Power Hour teacher videos. New members after August 2, 2021, will no longer receive this benefit included with their monthly or lifetime Family School membership. The videos will only be available as part of the expanded AHS Online elementary service.

Yes. Power Hour is a teacher-to-student, Live service. Many confuse Power Hour with teaching the Family School lesson plans. We do not do this during Power Hour. Student come prepared to learn having already been taught the lesson by their parent or through the viewing of our new video-based, master-teacher lessons. They will learn a LOT, but it will be much more focused on their learning outcomes and experiences, rather than following a specific lesson plan (see format, below). Our purpose is to connect students with each other and with excellent Learning Coaches, and to give them a platform for sharing, diving deeper, asking questions, discussion, and so on. We cap each Power Hour group at around 100 students (about 30 families). That way, Power Hour is a positive experience for each student and a manageable class for the learning coach. Power Hour is $20/month per student (ages 5 and up).  But it is only $10/month per student for families who sign up by August 15, 2020.

Absolutely! We have no agreements or contracts with anything that we provide, except for our diploma-granting middle and high school that has a teacher and support staff built each year based on student enrollment. There is no risk, but a lot of upside to getting enrolled during this promotion (before July 31, 2020). If it’s not working, just log in to your account and remove your Pour Hour enrollment.

Power Hour itself is a live-only class where K–8 students discuss, share, and learn together. The instructional videos students watch before coming together are recorded and viewable at any time. But we strongly recommended viewing them before Power Hour so the children can contribute to the live experience.

No, their Power Hour will be chosen by the family at the beginning of each school year. They will have a specific learning coach for the year and classes will be divided evenly to accommodate all students and to create a positive experience for all (students and teachers). We do not record and post discussions, but all lessons are, of course, recorded and viewable prior or after the Power Hour discussion. If students miss a Power Hour, they can always view and complete the lesson content, assignments, and FlipGrid challenge at any time prior to the next lesson in order to not fall behind. If for some reason you schedule changes more permanently and you need to move to a different class/hour, we will do everything possible to move you to another class, however.

That is our plan! We likely will not have enough interest in any specific language for this coming year, but we hope to add Spanish and Portuguese, at minimum, for the 2021/22 school year.

It is very important that we keep each group to approximately 100. Therefore, families will choose an hour that works best for them for the duration of the school year. Changes from one session to another may be possible (not guaranteed) throughout the year for unusual circumstances, but switching from one class to the next each week is not possible. Furthermore, the relationship classmates form is a very important component of what Power Hour provides to students. Moving through the year with a specific class encourages stronger student sharing and participation, as well as, stronger relationships developed between students and the Learning Coaches.

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You decide! Have a look at the lessons and evaluate if your child is ready for HeartStart Preschool. All memberships to HeartStart are for life, so there is no risk if you purchase it and do not end up using it as much as you had planned initially.

We are not likely to produce teacher videos for HeartStart Preschool. At this age, the tactile experience is very important. It would be difficult to replicate something video-based that is effective for 3–5 year olds.

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Parent-led is a term used to define homeschooling in the traditional sense of the word, where the parent is the teacher of all content. As the roles of home education are changing, AHS Online seeks to meet parents who need to be the guide or simply be well-connected with the learning happening online and with AHS teachers and mentors—thus the addition of student- and teacher-led offerings now in development.

Go to FamilySchoolOnline.org to login to your personal dashboard, view your calendar, courses, update your account, and more!

Yes! As a lifetime member, we provide you access to all the same parent-led courses you signed up for originally. We continue to add new courses and make significant improvements, however. Your lifetime membership does not include access to the new student-led Power Hour experience, although we will include the recorded videos we have created for these students.

Yes, the recorded videos will be provided within all monthly and lifetime members’ access. 

Although included in existing members’ accounts, we will discontinue adding them to new member’s accounts when AHS Online Elementary is released in the fall of 2021. All paying members prior to that release will receive the student-led videos as part of their account, however.

Family School is a product and has always been provided by American Heritage School. With the addition of new student- and teacher-led educational offerings of the school, we needed a brand that included all these products and services. Thus, we release AHS Online as the umbrella that provides these products and services (i.e. Family School, HeartStart Preschool, AHS Online Middle & High School).

No, math and language arts are student-specific (leveled) and will not be included as part of the student- and teacher-led AHS Online for K–6 program.


Parent-led Family School lessons are designed for a parent to be the teacher of multiple K-8 children of various ages, together. Because many parents do not want to be or cannot be the full-time teacher of all curriculum that their family needs, AHS Online is in the process of converting all current parent-led lessons to student- and teacher-led experiences. These new services will allow a parent to be the guide on the side (student-led) or “hire” and AHS teacher to support their children online (teacher-led).

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Power Hour is the first piece of the future AHS Online (K–6) in development and scheduled to release in August 2021. Power Hour allows students to participate in daily instruction, connection, and sharing for history, literature, science, geography, art, and music. AHS Online (K–6) will include Power Hour, plus daily math, reading, and writing labs, 1-on-1 weekly coaching, and many other very important parent tools, reports and dashboards to simplify and improve home-based education for parents.


August 2021. This service will be available at the same time the AHS Online (K–6) offering becomes available.

The only difference between the two is the amount of Live, online connection and support from the teacher. The courses are exactly the same, except in the Student-led version, the student works through the math and language arts courses with the parent’s support or independently. The Student-led version also does not include the 1-on-1 weekly consultation. Student-led would more commonly be described as “independent study” and “teacher-led”

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Math coaching is available daily at the student’s request and is included in the middle and high school tuition ($3800/year).

Yes, the online courses follow the same scope and sequence of each on-campus course equivalent. The courses use a “flipped” design, however, wherein the teacher records their lecture in video format and provides the activities and assignments, which are completed outside and during the weekly, online gathering for each respective class.

Yes. AHS is fully-accredited by NWAIS since 2013 and can therefore offer an accredited, diploma-granting path for all middle and high school students.

For the 2020/21 school year we will be focusing on developing the courses for the Live cohorts (2 for middle school; 2 for high school). The independent study version for credit will be available for the 2021/22 school year.

Currently, we do not have a scholarship fund for students enrolled in the AHS Online (7–12) program. As donations are received for this purpose, scholarships will be made available to qualifying students based on financial need.

In AHS Online, all the students in a cohort take the same 6 classes together (6 credits), plus Math at their level (1 more credit), plus any electives they choose (3 available during this next year, 0.5 or 0.25 credits per elective). See the list of courses available at the Courses page.

If one of your students has already started high school and has completed some courses by other means, you can submit transcripts or proof of completion to “transfer” the credit to AHS Online and, yes, the student can earn additional credits through the a-la-carte, student-led option when classes become available.

The independent study option will allow for online interaction with coaches to receive feedback and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. At this point, this option will not have a live class component with other students because it is an independent, self-pace option.

The a-la-carte, student-led, self-pace courses will be able to be completed at any time. Students will have one year to complete these courses.

For the success of the program, we do need families to make an annual commitment. As a non-profit, we price all our programs at our cost to administering and supporting the students within each respective program. Even the development costs of each offering are funded by generous donors. Tuition for AHS Online Middle & High School covers the cost of our teachers, coaches, and administrators of the program. Our costs do not change depending on the number of students participating. Therefore, it is critical that families fulfill their tuition agreement. As much as we would love to accommodate for special circumstances, the viability of the program would be at risk. Our hope is to be able to establish a scholarship fund in the future for such circumstances, although such a fund is not currently in place.

No. Anything that distracts you from being present in class is not allowed. There is no such thing as “multitasking”. Our brains are either doing one thing or another, but we cannot use the parts of the brain for two different things at the same time. So, please, during class, be in class!

Yes, if we can. We need to figure out who pays for what in a concurrent enrollment scenario. In the public school system, the state pays tuition for the students to the high school and to the public college/university. So your taxes are paying twice for the “bargain” concurrent enrollment.


Until our course catalog is more comprehensive, we will be focusing on providing a specific course schedule for full-time AHS Online student cohorts. We will likely begin providing a-la-carte (unbundled) course participation for Live and independent study students for the 2021/22 school year.

Unaccredited courses are simply the same courses as the accredited courses, except that the student does not submit assignments, receive grades, credit, or a transcript for the course. Accredited courses provide these accredited services (live classes, 1-on-1 consulting, online labs, assignment submission and feedback, grading, proctored exams, credit, and transcripts).

Yes, all former unaccredited middle and high school courses previously provided through a Family School membership are still, and will always be provided, to Family School members and students for independent and unaccredited completion.

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The full-access free membership many new members enjoyed through June 30 during the COVID quarantine ended on June 30. All accounts were moved to the standard free membership, which includes limited access to a single course in each product (HeartStart, Family School K-6 and Family School 7-12. Upgrade to a monthly or lifetime membership in order to gain full access to all our Family School courses!

Power Hour is a student-specific service. Family School is a parent-led product. Services are charged by the student, because expenses are incurred specific to a student. Therefore, your membership to Family School provides access to all the lesson content that students and/or parents receive independently, while Power Hour is a daily, student service that you’ll add-on to your Family School membership, if desired.

Power Hour enrollment is by student, as it is a student-specific service. We do not currently have a family price for Power Hour.

All of our student-specific services like Power Hour and AHS Online middle and high school are currently priced at our cost of delivering the program to your student. Consequently, we do not offer discounts or promotions related to these services. Power Hour is an exception, during the month of July 2020 for all new and existing members, as it is the launch/release of this service, but the price moving forward (beyond July) wll be priced without any discounts forthcoming.

Math coaching is available daily at the student’s request and is included in the middle and high school tuition ($3800/year).

No, all of our student-specific services like Power Hour and AHS Online middle and high school are currently priced at our cost of delivering the program to your student. Consequently, we do not offer discounts or promotions related to these services. Power Hour is an exception, during the month of July 2020 for all new and existing members, as it is the launch/release of this service, but the price moving forward (beyond July) wll be priced without any discounts forthcoming.