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New Teacher-Led Family School w/ Power Hour!

You do math and language arts…we can help with the rest! Lack of time is the most cited reason that families shy away from homeschooling. The new teacher-led Power Hour from Family School is an exciting solution to this problem.

Beginning August 24, 2020, K–8 students can connect with content, with each other, and with great teachers for a fun and uplifting hour that parents don’t have to plan and direct! Gather your children around each day for a history, literature, science, geography, art, or music discussion. They will dive deep into the subject of the day, exercise with Coach Yahosh, participate in student sharing, join a read-aloud session, play Kahoot!—and much more.

Power Hour involves children from ages two to tween. You really have to see it to believe it—the magic of siblings and friends coming together online to experience superior academics and receive spiritual insights.

To join Power Hour, sign up for a Family School monthly or lifetime membership—then add the Power Hour service to your account for each child participating (under age 5 is free). We’ll have several morning and afternoon times available, so you can find an hour that works best for your family.

Parent-Led Family School

To see pricing options, create a free account.

Parent-Led Family School

Family School is the simplest and most academically strong curriculum for teaching your children history, science, literature, geography, art, and music. First launched in 2012, it has been used by over 30,000 children in over 100 countries around the world! The beauty of Family School is that it allows a mother to teach strong academics at multiple levels to children as young as PreK and through middle school, together. Although children learn together, the post-lesson assignments and activities are specific to their level.

Family School also includes 35 high school level courses that are available for students to participate in, independently! These courses are not accredited, but are available freely within all Family School memberships. For our accredited, diploma-granting middle and high school, please see our AHS Online (7–12) program.

Importantly, each lesson is rich with strong academics and deep principle and character connections. All it takes is one lesson a day! Most families do their math and language arts in the morning and save the best for last in the early afternoon!

One more thing… the most comprehensive, simple, and engaging math and language arts curriculum is in development and coming fall 2023! Until then, please view our member recommendations here. There are many wonderful programs from which to choose.

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