Tuition & Fees (7–12)

TUITION & FEES: 2021–22 Academic School Year

AHS Online Middle & High for the 2021/22 school year is expanding its offering to include several new ways to access these wonderful resources, classes, and teachers with greater flexibility and affordability.

  • Returning—Full-Time, Live Accredited Class: Enjoy a dedicated Live teacher for up to seven credits/classes, with additional 1-on-1 coaching, labs, Live math support, grading, mentoring,  credit, and many social experiences and events designed to enrich learning and develop friendships. ($3900/year)
  • New—A-La-Carte, Live Accredited Course: Participate in everything included in the full-time classes (above), based on your desired course-by-course selection. ($300/half credit)
  • New—Independent Study, Accredited Course: Enjoy learning at your own pace, with our fully-accredited, independent study courses—same course content, assignments, 1-on-1 coaching, grading, and assessments as above, but without the synchronous class. ($250/half credit)
  • Returning—”Power Hour” Live Unaccredited Course: Our very popular “Power Hour” unaccredited classes are back! Importantly, students can now select their choice of up to 5 of 20 classes offered in this format and will attend with all the other Live students! ($495/year)
  • Returning—Independent Study, Unaccredited Course: All members of have access to over 30 wonderful middle/high school level courses. These are great for learners who do not need credit or are not pursuing a high school diploma (free with all premium memberships).

Tuition and Payment Schedule Details:

  • All Independent Study and A-La-Carte course tuition is due in full upon enrollment.  Full-Time, Live tuition may be paid month-to-month.  Unlike most private schools that require yearly full-time class tuition to be paid in the spring as a non-refundable sum, AHS Online allows families to make 10 monthly payments of $390.00 per student from May 2021–March 2022, with each installment due by the 5th of the month.
  • Seating Reservation—A student is officially enrolled when the May payment is received. If payment is not received by May 31, an otherwise accepted student runs the risk of being placed on a waiting list.
  • Late Enrollment—A student enrolling after the month of May will have an alternate payment schedule. If they enroll after the school year begins, monthly tuition payments will be prorated to reflect the total number of days to be attended.

How do I pay monthly tuition for a full-time, Live class student?
ACH Online payments are set up as an automatic debit from a checking account on the 5th of each month. Bank account information is submitted at the time of enrollment.

Is there an application fee for Live, accredited students?
Yes. A non-refundable application fee of $75.00 is required to be paid with all applications for accredited Live class instruction (full-time, a-la-carte).

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Offering/Student Type
Accredited Full-time Live 7.0 $3,900/year 10 Months
Accredited A-La-Carte Live 0.5 $300/semester Up-Front
Accredited A-La-Carte My Pace 0.5 $250/semester Up-Front
Accredited A-La-Carte Credit Recovery 0.25-0.5 $150–$250/semester Up-Front
Unaccredited Power Hour Live* $495/year Up-Front
Unaccredited My Pace** Free** None

* Student chooses up to five classes from the Live classes offered; not for credit
**Included in all monthly and lifetime memberships.

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