Admissions Process (7–12)

What to Expect

  1. Admissions Inquiry: AHS Online encourages prospective families to review the AHS Online 7–12 web page. More information can be found at Priority Acceptance Policy and Tuition & Fees. If interested, start the Admissions Inquiry Process.
  2. Online Interview: In response to your inquiry, AHS Online will email an invitation to schedule an online interview. The prospective student(s) and both parents/guardians should attend the interview if possible.
  3. Academic Evaluation: After the interview, an academic assessment will be scheduled for each student. The assessment includes a full battery of subject- matter evaluation in math, reading, spelling, and writing. The family will receive feedback within a few weeks following assessment.
  4. Admission Notification: Within two weeks of the academic assessment, an applicant’s admission status will be communicated to the family via email.
  5. Enrollment Documentation: Upon admission, the family must submit these items for each student.
    1. Student photo
    2. Student questionnaire
    3. Birth certificate
    4. Recent report card/official transcript
    5. Signed honor code

Families may request assistance from AHS Online at any point in the enrollment process by contacting us. We look forward to receiving your application!