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ahs Adventure Learning elementary!

Coming fall 2023—The future is bright for AHS Worldwide! The new AHS Adventure Learning Elementary will include all the wonderful Family School courses thousands of families have come to love, adapted for highly engaging, highly connected, student-led learning. But that’s not all! Our very own PreK–8 math and language arts curriculum, new Constitutional Studies Digital Learning Center, and Adventure Learning platform is in development and set to launch publicly in the summer of 2023! Adventure Learning will be unlike anything homeschoolers, online learners, and cooperatives have experienced before and will provide inventive connection opportunities between students, parents, and content that will become a gold standard for all alternative learning.

Zoom Class

StudentGo Flipped Class!

Coming fall 2023—The two core pedagogies of every AHS Adventure Elementary course is (1) Autonomy, and (2) the “Flipped Class”. The foundation of a love of learning and the skills and desire to self-educate is autonomy. We can’t give away too much right now, but every course will be filled with adventuring for children of all ages! Also, a flipped class blends highly engaging video instruction and interactive assessments with a live discussion and classroom experience. This beautiful blend of student-governed learning and instructor-facilitated discussion and student connection is what makes AHS Adventure Learning truly innovative and effective for busy homeschool moms (and dads). We call it Adventure Learning, and you will be amazed at how eager children will be to learn, complete projects, and share their experiences with parents and other students. They will develop the tools and desire to make self-education a life-long pursuit! All Adventure Learning flipped courses will be provided within an a custom Adventure Learning platform including the following.

  • Comprehensive, research-based math and language arts.
  • Interactive, video-rich lessons for all specialty subjects, math, and language arts.
  • Live, online class discussions, teacher mentoring, and student sharing.
  • Adaptive assessments, quizzes, and tests for all subjects and levels.
  • Live, online math, writing, and reading labs.
  • Parent dashboard with reports for all children.
  • Complete family school organizer with teaching calendar and tools.
  • Printable grade cards and graduation certificates.
  • And much more!

ahs online middle (7-8) and high (9-12) school

2021-22 will be the second year of piloting our new AHS Online Middle & High programs! Students participate in a fully accredited, diploma-granting path through American Heritage School. Unlike most others, this is NOT a “go-it-alone,” independent study experience (although we provide that, too). AHS Online Middle & High includes a full, online school with live classes, 1-on-1 teacher/student consultation, feedback on assignments, and social experiences outside of class!

Each week, students meet online with their class and teacher for each course. Additionally, students can schedule one-on-one math support—daily if they need it. Every student receives a one-on-one consultation every other week with each of their teachers. Students enjoy the high-touch, high-impact education formerly available only to on-campus students—one that has been academically refined over 50 years—that deepens faith, molds character, and strengthens a love of the providential founding of America. View the FAQs →

Student-led (7–12)

For the past seven years AHS Online has been offering several courses for students to complete independently (Independent Study) on FamilySchoolOnline.org. These courses have been very useful for many families to complement their children’s educational experience while earning credit and transcripts for each course successfully completed, and they are still available to FamilySchoolOnline.org members.

As we develop the new AHS Online diploma-granting courses for 7–12, we are discontinuing the accredited services formerly provided for these Family School independent study courses. All accredited services for middle and high school independent study credit are now provided for courses provided in the new AHS Online Middle/High program. Additionally, students can register and complete courses a-la-carte and at their own pace, while still receiving grading, feedback, and one-on-one coaching from our Learning Coaches.

Feature Comparison

Offering/Student Type
For Credit
Live Class
Due Dates
Accredited Full-time Live * * * * * *
Accredited A-La-Carte Live * * * * * *
Accredited A-La-Carte My Pace * * * *
Accredited A-La-Carte Credit Recovery * * *
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