AHS Online (K–12)

ahs online elementary!

Coming fall 2022—During the 2021/22 school year we will have approximately 500 families and a few schools piloting the newly developed PreK–6 language arts and math curriculum. This curriculum, along with many other exciting and innovative resources, tools, and online learning experiences will become the foundation of the most affordable, effective, and comprehensive solution for families who desire to provide their children with excellent private school academics refined over five decades, while deepening conversion in genuine and important ways. AHS Online Elementary will include:

  • Classroom Experience: Each day, students can meet online with like-minded students from around the world.
  • “StudentGo” Flipped Class: Classroom time will be focused on discussion, further exploration, project work, and collaboration; while teacher instruction is provided via engaging and uplifting “StudentGo” teacher videos (more below)!
  • Math and Language Arts: Besides the daily rotation of history, literature, science, geography, art, and music, students may attend teacher-led math labs, reading labs (K–2) or writing labs (3–6).
  • One-on-One Mentoring: Parents may request private consultation for their students with an AHS Online teacher to discuss their work, receive encouragement and feedback, set goals, and work on any specific needs.

StudentGo Flipped Class!

Coming fall 2022—AHS Online Elementary will include a very effective learning method—the “Flipped Class.” Children receive teacher instruction independently, then come together for Live, daily discussion, connection, project work, etc. This will be a tremendous undertaking and will empower children with the knowledge that they can learn and do ANYTHING!  Students will watch our new “StudentGo” videos followed by their Live class with likeminded students from around the world. Importantly, parents won’t have to set aside several hours a day to be the full-time teacher—and they won’t be pulling teeth to get children to do their “homework,” either! The StudentGo Flipped Class experience will include:

  • Comprehensive, research-based math and language arts.
  • Interactive, video-rich lessons for all specialty subjects, math, and language arts.
  • Live, online class discussions, teacher mentoring, and student sharing.
  • Adaptive assessments, quizzes, and tests for all subjects and levels.
  • Live, online math, writing, and reading labs.
  • Parent dashboard with reports for all children.
  • Complete family school organizer with teaching calendar and tools.
  • Printable grade cards and graduation certificates.
  • And much more!

Teacher-led (7–12)

We are excited to announce AHS Online for all middle and high school students! Beginning this fall, August 25, 2020, students will be able to participate in a full-accredited, diploma-granting path through American Heritage School. Unlike most others, this is NOT a “go-it-alone” program! This is a full online school with live classes and personal attention.

Each week, students meet online with their class and teacher for every course. Students can schedule one-on-one math support—daily if they need it. Every student receives one-on-one consultation each week with their teachers for each class. Students will enjoy the high-touch, high-impact education formerly available only to on-campus students—one that is academically refined over 50 years—that deepens faith, molds character, and strengthens a love of the providential founding of America.
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Student-led (7–12)

For the past seven years AHS Online has been offering several student-led individual courses for students to complete independently. These courses have been very useful for many families to complement their children’s educational experience while earning credit and transcripts for each course successfully completed. As we develop the new AHS Online diploma-granting courses for 7–12, we are discontinuing the accredited services formerly provided for these student-led courses.

We will resume the popular student-led AHS Online accredited services at the beginning of the 2021/22 school year. Students will be able to purchase the new AHS Online courses a-la-carte and complete them for credit at their own pace receiving grading, feedback, and one-on-one coaching from our Learning Coaches.